Monday, November 01, 2010

OMG! Law Talk - In Conversation with Kevin O'Keefe

In the return of OMG! Law Talk, Omar Ha-Redeye, Michael Carabash and I have the pleasure of an extended conversation with Kevin O'Keefe, founder of Lex Blog and of the world's leading authorities (or as Omar put it, The Guru) on social media and the legal profession.

In Part I, Kevin discusses how his own law practice led him to his current career as a global leader in online marketing and social media for legal professionals. His online philosophy is remarkably straightforward and direct. For Kevin, the internet is not about broadcasting and content - it's about engaging people and building relationships:

In Part II, Kevin discusses his thoughts on what is required for lawyers to succeed online, the growing role of mobile apps, video and the iPad, and the future of social media for the legal professional:

Kevin's ongoing commentaries on legal blogging and social media can be also found at his personal blog, Real Lawyers Have Blogs.

Many thanks to Kevin O'Keefe for taking the time to meet with Michael, Omar and I after his October 22, 2010 Toronto Beer for Bloggers event. We'll very much look forward to another opportunity to converse, listen and learn in the not-too-distant future.
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