Friday, November 02, 2007

Fifth Estate - Brian Mulroney: The Unauthorized Chapter

We discussed the fifth estate's Brian Mulroney exposé on Wednesday.

The episode is now available online.


Anonymous said...

What's hilarious as Canada continues its march toward tin pot third world dictatorship-hood is the statement by Prime Minister Steve Harper that Prime Minister's should somehow not be targets after they leave office.

In essence, his argument suggests they should be above the law with automatic clemency.

Of course the lap-dog sleepy-eyed Canadian media doesn't connect dots now anymore than they did when the Charter was brought in with the not-withstanding clause.

So Okay....let's start with Pierre Trudeau's swimming pool at 24 Sussex. Paid by private donors who just through around hundreds of thousands cuz, and never expected anything in return.

Understandable. Mind you at least the Crown got a swimming pool out of it.

So...the time to get angry starts at let's say getting $300 thousand, lying under oath you never got it, and then paying tax on the non-existent money when you hear the RCMP's footsteps behind?

According to Harper, apparently not.

So...what is the threshold before you are allowed to hold a crook accountable to be tried before a jury?

Is it a golf-course bill of sale written on a napkin with a quid pro quo of federal money guaranteed to a felon? In that regard, Chretien dodged the bullet. Nothin' wrong with that.

So we know that there has gotta be more than a golf course, which is certainly bigger than a bread-box.

Howse about pouring hundreds of millions into Quebec paying your friends to do no work knowing they will remember you when it is time to pass the hat? Chretien and Martin teamed up on that one.

So okay...hundreds of millions is still not enough.

So what is enough?

Just as a point of comparison, former Illinois Governor, George Ryan, is today sitting in the clink getting a size 14 rear-end from fellow prisoners because he took money and helped his friends get government business and money for his trouble.

Today George Ryan. wishes he had run for office in Canada.

Anonymous said...

rich has nailed it i have been reticent too long ....its the non-partisan types that will lead the way.....kudos