Saturday, September 22, 2007

What Exactly is Going On at Macleans Magazine?

We thought their Lawyers Gone Bad edition was a problem.

Well, the current cover of Macleans takes bad taste and irresponsibility to an entirely new level.

Aside from noting it as offensive, dumb and particularly unoriginal, one has to wonder.

Is this the only way to increase circulation?

Or, shall we just concede that the magazine is no longer to be considered journalism, and leave it at that.
- Garry J. Wise, Toronto

UPDATE: The always witty Wonkette comments:

Chimpy Mchitler Dept.: Country That Doesn't Even Have President Mocking Ours: Now that their “dollar” is no longer worth less than a real dollar (but they still have to pay more for our hardcover books, suckers!), the Canadians are getting uppity. The October cover of their cute “political magazine” Maclean’s portrays our President as a (distinguished gay British army general) Saddam Hussein. Shocking! And kinda funny! Look, they gave him a mustache! Spy probably did this already but do Canadians know what Spy is? It seems like they might not have enough bloggers. Also our northern neighbors are praying for poor Britney Spears

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