Thursday, October 25, 2007

Law Blogs: Influence Increasing

Findlaw has an interesting commentary today on the growing impact of law blogs.

See William Gratsch's The State of Legal Blogs: A Report From the Frontlines:

"You can find quality blogs on virtually any legal topic," says Sara Skiff, editor of BlawgWorld 2007, a free eBook that showcases some of the best legal blog posts of the year. "This variety and quality speaks volumes about how quickly this new [weblog] publishing platform has attained maturity." By offering free, well-written content, often filling gaps in general legal news coverage and/or expanded analysis of important cases or regulations of the day, subject matter specific weblogs continue to grow in importance and value.

... Legal weblogs and the legal blogosphere they combine to form have arrived. Slowly, but surely, they have grown in number and breadth, increasingly impacting the legal landscape.

Looking ahead, it likely remains early in an evolutionary process. The lines between weblogs and other news and information mediums will continue to merge to the point where they are indistinguishable. Networking tools, multimedia content and community-focused technologies will also continue to be integrated into weblogs and the legal blogosphere, further complicating efforts to delineate one form of online communication from another.

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