Sunday, December 23, 2007

Toronto Hockey League Threatens Suspensions over "Discriminatory, Offensive" Facebook Postings

I'm taking holiday break from serious blogging over the next few days, but will be returning to the free speech fracas that has been ongoing here and elsewhere in the blogosphere.

In the interim, I came across this short article from Garth Woolsey about threats of suspension by the Greater Toronto Hockey League over "offensive" Facebook postings by its players about opposing teams and individuals.

I expect it will be relevant to subsequent discussions. See Facebook fouls get warning from GTHL:

Minor hockey officials are blowing the whistle on Facebook faceoffs before they get out of hand.

Alerted to players using the social networking website to post comments about other players and teams, the Greater Toronto Hockey League has issued an alert to its member teams.

"Many of these discussions are productive and in good taste," reads the memorandum, dated Dec. 20, a copy of which was obtained by the Star, "there are also many that are not.

"The GTHL has already taken action against several players because of discriminatory language and threats that were posted utilizing this site," continues the bulletin signed by GTHL executive director Scott Oakman.

Recipients were asked to pass the message along to all players and parents.
Oakman wrote that the league had already taken action due to the "indiscretions of certain players," and set a deadline of Jan.5 for the removal of any Facebook comments "that could be considered discriminatory or threatening in nature."

After Jan.5 offenders will be subject "to immediate suspension, or other appropriate discipline, regardless of when the posting was made."

- Garry J. Wise, Toronto

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