Saturday, January 26, 2008

Frank Zappa and the Conservative Censors

True conservatives believe deeply in free speech. They abhor any law that purports to restrict it. They America's First Amendment.

We know this because, of late, they keep telling us - particularly when Canada's Human Rights Commissions are in the news.

So why, then, would I be posting this video of a 1986 appearance by the late Frank Zappa on CNN's old Crossfire show....?

(h/t AmericaBlog for the video link)

- Garry J. Wise, Toronto

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Balbulican said...

A small counternote of irony from one who fondly remembers this appearance, as well as Zappa's testimony (rendered brilliantly into a composition on "The Mothers Of Prevention") - one of Zappa's critics, arguing forcefully for mandatory labelling of recordings containing "obscenity", was Al Gore.

Garry J. Wise, Wise Law Office, Toronto said...

You are absolutely correct, balbulican - Gore's wife, Tipper was at the foreground of the "labelling" lobby.

With this in mind, Mr. Gore may win Oscars and Nobels, but I woiuldn't anticipate any Grammy awards in his future.