Friday, January 04, 2008

Obama's Iowa Victory Speech

From TPM:

An interesting analysis of Mr. Obama's Iowa victory from Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal:

He had a harder row to hoe than Mrs. Clinton did. He was lesser known, too young, lacked an establishment. He had to knock her down while building himself up. (She only had to build herself up until the end, when she went after his grade-school essays.) His takedown of Mrs. Clinton was the softest demolition in the history of falling buildings. I think we were there when it happened, in the debate in which he was questioned on why so many of Bill Clinton's aides were advising him. She laughed, and he said he was looking forward to her advising him, too. He took mama to school.

And so something new begins on the Democratic side.

I'm not quite convinced it's all over yet.

The weeks ahead, culminating with twenty-two State primaries to be held on February 5th, will determine, in hindsight, whether yesterday was just a minor blip on Hillary's long road to the Presidency or the moment that progressive America began its final weaning from the long tail of the Clinton era.

If nothing else, the Iowa caucus results underscore that America's Democratic voters have essentially become both gender-blind and colour-blind in their selection of the party's Presidential nominee.

Although pundits continue to wonder aloud whether America is ready for a woman or person of colour as its President, Iowa's voters may now have telegraphed that those considerations are, thankfully, no longer to be on the table for serious discussion.

- Garry J. Wise, Toronto

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