Saturday, January 12, 2008

On Photographing The Boss, Asleep On the Job

Emailing those cellphone photos you've just taken of your boss asleep on the job might not be such a good idea, after all, if you are a Canadian public service employee.

It could get you suspended.. or worse.

The Globe and Mail reports on a decision of Canada's Public Service Labour Relations Board in Nesrallah v. Treasury Board (Public Service Commission):

... Ms. Nessrallah went too far when she took the picture and sent it to four others via an e-mail that said: “Warning: This is what happens if you work too hard! Well, at least he made up for the time he slept by playing cards at 4:30! Pas de farce!”

“I believe that [Ms. Nessrallah] meant to embarrass or humiliate her manager by taking a photograph of him asleep at his desk and forwarding it to her colleagues,” Mr. Quigley wrote without identifying the manager. “This grievance is therefore dismissed.”

Ms. Nessrallah's lawyer, Sean McGee, argued at the hearing that the case was about whistle-blowing. He said Ms. Nessrallah had worked in labour relations and human resources for years and understood “the importance of gathering facts before making allegations, and that is why she took the photograph of her manager asleep at his desk.” While the suspension was reduced to one day's pay, Mr. McGee argued even that was excessive.

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Now, little did I realize before researching this post that there is, in fact, a veritable catalogue of You Tube video selections in the "Boss Sleeping on the Job" genre:

(OK, so it's not the most exciting video you've ever seen. What did you expect? The guy's sleeping...)

And at the other end of the spectrum, Some firms are making naptime a part of the workday.

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