Monday, January 07, 2008

Red Deer In The Morning

A short note to readers near Red Deer, Alberta that I'll be on Big 105 and The Drive 106.7 Radio tomorrow morning with Reporter/Anchor, Jesse Johnston.

We'll be talking about Facebook and recent cases in which two, separate Facebook groups have come under police scrutiny after their users may have run afoul of Canada's young offender laws.

The cases involve a Facebook group set up after the New Year's Day murder of Toronto teen Stephanie Rengel and another, Alberta group created after a grotesque animal cruelty incident allegedly occurred in Camrose, Alberta. In Camrose, four youths stand charged with killing a cat in a microwave oven.

Ms. Rengel's name was published on a memorial tribute group in apparent violation of the law. It is also alleged that users on both groups improperly published the names of the teens accused of each of these crimes, along with direct threats against the accused persons.

Canada's Youth Criminal Justice Act prohibits publication of information that identifies young persons dealt with under the Act.

Tune in if you can. (Sorry, no streaming audio is going to be available online.)

- Garry J. Wise, Toronto

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