Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Toronto Facebook Users Top One Million

The Toronto Star reports today on Toronto's Facebook mania, as the number of registered users in the City has now climbed over one million:

More than a million Torontonians made friends with Facebook in 2007, contributing to the "phenomenal growth" in Canadian users last year.

Toronto was the first city in North America to break 1 million subscribers, a recent study shows.

Now roughly half of Canadian web users have Facebook accounts, according to a report released yesterday by ZINC Research and Dufferin Research.

Also see Facebook takes Canada by storm from AFP.

Regular readers will know we've been following the Web 2.0 social networking revolution for quite a while. And all is not rosy, as this article from Britain indicates: Web2.0 faces 'users' revolt' over advertising

Note also that Simon Fodden at Slaw doubts the one million users claim.

- Garry J. Wise, Toronto

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