Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hillary or Obama?

Ah, the burden of potential...

While the choice between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for Democratic Presidential candidate is a slam-dunk for some, it remains daunting for many.

They are both strong, potent and inspiring candidates. Each promises a tomorrow that truly represents a new day for America. I suspect there are few Democrats who will be deeply upset, irrespective of the ultimate outcome.

I am convinced that each of these candidates is equally poised to seize the moment. Yet on balance, my vote, if I had one, would remain with Hillary Clinton.


Hillary Clinton is ready. She has fought the battles with her Conservative adversaries before, and she is still standing. She has earned her international stature and credibility.

While either candidate would likely succeed in a general election against John McCain, it is my view Hillary Clinton's experience and balance will best neutralize the presumpive Republican nominee's limited assets.

But it is Hillary Clinton's steady hand under fire - throughout her husband's presidency, her tenure as Senator from New York, and during this extensive primary season - that convinces me that it is her time.

An endorsement of Hillary Clinton is by no means a rejection of Barack Obama. He is a fresh and exciting voice on the American political landscape. I would welcome a 'dream team' ticket on which he is Vice-Presidential nominee.

I do think Obama's time will come. I simply cannot overcome my reservation that as good a candidate as he is today, he will be even better eight years down the road, with a bit more seasoning and a lot more experience on the front lines.

Either way, history will be made.

In the best of all possible worlds, however, a Clinton-Obama ticket in 2008 will not only make history - it will change America's global and domestic face forever.

And for that, it most assuredly is time.

- Garry J. Wise, Toronto

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