Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Most Annoying Person in the Blogosphere Award...

... goes to Andrew Sullivan, of course:

Did Bill Kill Hill?

Not so crazy a theory. I've long believed that Bill Clinton is torn between two impulses - a desire to embellish his own record by seeing his wife get the presidency and a desire to embellish his own record by seeing his wife not get the presidency. He is certainly psychologically damaged and complex enough to torpedo his wife's ambitions and equally damaged enough not even to be aware of it. Which makes it all the more Shakespearian. One huge reason not to put the Clintons back in the Oval Office is the lesson of the Bush years. Never under-estimate family rivalry. It f@cks things up.

You have to give the guy credit for creative writing, if nothing else.

Who else could write six or eight hatchet pieces a day against Hillary Clinton for weeks on end without ever repeating himself?

We get it, already, Andrew - you don't like the Clintons.

Perhaps you could return to those picturesque "window view" posts for a while, as you consider whether there is, in fact, any other topic to write about.

- Garry J. Wise, Toronto

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