Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Super Tuesday: Super Close for Democrats

Results of yesterday’s Super Tuesday establish Senator Barack Obama and Senator Clinton are in a tight race for the White House. Of the 2,025 delegates required to win the Democratic Party’s nomination, CNN results indicate that as of this morning, Obama has 709 delegates and Clinton has 783. While Super Tuesday usually establishes a party’s front runner, yesterday’s results force the Democratic Party to hold off on determining their nominee until further results emerge from upcoming races.

CNN reports:

With Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton almost even in delegate counts, the two Democratic presidential candidates will focus on several weekend contests and then a trio of primaries in the Washington area next Tuesday.

Super Tuesday delivered a split decision for the Democrats. CNN estimates showed Clinton earned a handful more delegates than Obama, who surprised observers by taking states where the senator from New York had large polling leads until recently.

The latest estimate gave Clinton 582 of the 1,681 delegates at stake Tuesday, compared with 562 for Obama. It will take time to determine the final distribution because of complicated formulas.

And on the other side, Senator John McCain established a significant lead in yesterday's Super Tuesday over former Governors Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee. CNN results indicate that as of this morning McCain has 544 delegates, Romney has 177 delegates and Huckabee has 122 delegates. 1,191 delegates are required to win the Republican Party’s nomination.

CNN reports:
Sen. John McCain awoke Wednesday with a commanding lead in the race for Republican delegates while former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney plans to meet with aides after a disappointing Super Tuesday showing.

"Although I've never minded the role of the underdog and have relished as much as anyone come-from-behind wins, tonight I think we must get used to the idea that we are the Republican Party front-runner," McCain said Tuesday night in his home state of Arizona. "And I don't really mind it one bit."
In their speeches delivered last night, both Romney and Huckabee vowed to continue their campaigns to the white house.

- Annie Noa Kenet, Toronto

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