Thursday, May 08, 2008

Argos, Leafs and the Ontario Racing Commission

The Ontario horse racing world is watching closely as a public tiff escalates between former Toronto Maple Leaf defenceman, Rod Seiling, now Chairman of the Ontario Racing Commission, and lawyer Gerry Sternberg, a proud Toronto Argonaut alumnus.

The Globe and Mail reports:

A panel of six commissioners ruled this week that Sternberg could no longer work as a lawyer before the commission - which regulates horse racing in the province - until he made an "unqualified apology" for an outburst against chairman Rod Seiling during a March hearing.

The 15-page ruling said Sternberg's comments were malicious and a "sustained attempt to demean" Seiling. The commissioners ruled that he must apply in writing to the commission to make the apology. And if Sternberg refused to apologize, the ruling suggested the commission would seek recourse through the Law Society, Divisional Court or perhaps use its own "statutory authority to control its own process."

Which of those two thoroughbreds would you bet on?

(I'll take the ex-Leaf)

- Garry J. Wise, Toronto

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