Friday, September 05, 2008

Introducing the Wise Law Office Quarterly Journal

Wise Law Office Quarterly Journal

Today, we are very pleased to be launching the Wise Law Office Quarterly Journal, our firm and blog's long-planned newsletter.

Q.J. will be published four times a year, and will feature a compilation of articles on each season's most significant and interesting legal developments, as published here at Wise Law Blog, at Bar-ex, and other locations online and elsewhere.

As I indicated in our inaugural issue, we are glad for the opportunity this publication brings us to stay in better touch with our clients, colleagues and Wise Law Blog readers.

Sign-up is easy. Click on the photo above, or click here to subscribe securely and confidentially.

We're looking forward to reaching you each quarter with Q.J.

Many thanks to Sandra Bekhor and Sarah Halliday for their guidance and direction in this project.

And who knows - we may even be able to do an election special edition soon.

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