Friday, November 07, 2008


I think 2-1 in the electoral college counts as a landslide, don't you?

You may toss laurels my way for predicting this for the past year including the end-of-race tightening of the polls that would mean nothing in the end.

Welcome to the Obama era.

Now we'll see how good a prez he is. I expect paper shredders will be in high demand at the Out-in-the-Bush White House in the next 70 days.

The president-elect's November 4th speech was also interesting.

Barack Obama has made the same speech so often he gave it without teleprompter notes so far as I could tell.

Just off the cuff and thoughtful. An unlikely candidate indeed. Six months ago, TV news nitwits were unable or unwilling to pronounce his name properly and many others were dismissive of him as too presumptious in the face of the presumptive natural order as determined by the powers that be. But this bee - as in dance like a butterfly and sting like one - turned out to be Barack.

On the BBC, one Black American commentator told the story of how Black mothers would tell their children they could grow up to be anything - an astronaut, CEO, movie star. But if the child said he or she wanted to be President, the child would be told to think of something else. Now, this man said with tears welling in his eyes, Black parents could say being President was possible.

Among the most important qualities Sen. Obama brings to the job of President is his ability to inspire trust. The financial and other global crises plaguing the world are the result of selfishness and arrogant actions and leadership. Without trust, there is no credit and without credit no business and without business there is conflict and war.

America is the only leader of the world and this relatively young man is being given one of the most amazing opportunities of any leader in 50 years.

What President Obama brings to his nation and the world will undoubtedly, almost by definition, set a very different direction for the world.

Where he points others will follow.

As a candidate and as president-elect, Obama said again he is not the solution - the solution lies in each and every one of us. Whether or not President Obama will have the right solutions to our global problems is unknown. In asking that each American contribute, however, we can feel confident he has the beginnings of the right answer.

- Barry Brown, Toronto

Barry Brown is a journalist and Pulitzer prize nominee with writing credits for the Washington Times, New York Times, Globe & Mail, among other publications. While he gladly offers unsolicited advice, he is not a lawyer. The views expressed are those of the guest blogger, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Wise Law Blog and its authors.

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