Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Ontario Court Permits Twitter, Live-Blogging from O'Brien Hearing

Web 2.0 took another giant step toward respectability - and functionality - in Ontario's courts yesterday, with the decision of an Ontario Superior Court judge to permit members of the media to provide real-time reporting on a trial-in-progress - using Twitter.

Via Michael Geist:
The judge presiding over the criminal trial of Ottawa mayor Larry O'Brien has blocked the use of television cameras, but given the go-ahead for live blogging and the use of Twitter.
Canadian Press has more:

Judge Douglas Cunningham... shot down the CBC's bid to have cameras follow the trial in real time, but agreed to a bid by Canwest News Service to have a reporter file instantly to a popular social networking site from within the courtroom. The judge's ruling effectively opens the gates to all media at O'Brien's trial to file real-time text stories by wireless device.

..."What we are talking about here is instant text transmission to the blogosphere, but that is the world in which we live," said Cunningham.

..."I ... recognize that some private information or protected information could inappropriately be disclosed," said the judge.

"But I'm afraid that's a risk I'll have to take, recognizing as I do the calibre of counsel I have before me in this case."

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