Friday, June 05, 2009

Neilson: Facebook Is Social Media Leader

Lawyers looking for the optimal point of entry into Web 2.0, take note.  Neilson reports Facebook still holds the web's social networking crown.  But Twitter is growing quickly:

According to Nielsen’s research, Facebook is still top dog when it comes to social networking, amassing approximately 13.9 billion user minutes in April, which is year-on-year growth of 699 percent when gauged against the 1.7 billion it gathered during April of 2008.

My Space sits in second position on the popularity scale, although the News Corp-owned service has seen its appeal eroded significantly in the last 12 months. In April of 2009, total user minutes logged on MySpace fell to 4.9 billion, which equates to a sizable drop of 31 percent against April 2008’s 7.3 billion minutes.

...Sitting in fifth place on Nielsen’s results, user minutes attributed to Twitter during April 2009 hit 300 million, which is a miniscule figure compared to Facebook. However, the service’s year-on-year improvement hit a staggering 3,712 percent when viewed next to the lowly 7.8 million minutes it logged in April of 2008.

...Blogger emerged as April’s leading blog-based platform, sitting in third behind Facebook and MySpace with 30 percent growth and 583 million total monthly minutes, while secured fourth with an impressive 998 percent growth and 328 million minutes.

The remaining players on the top ten list are MyYearbook (269 million minutes), LiveJournal (204 million), LinkedIn (202 million), SlashKey (188 million), and Gaia Online (144 million).

See Tech Herald's Nielsen: Twitter surges, MySpace plummets, Facebook still dominant: 

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