Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rep. Joe Wilson: Maybe Not So Sorry, After All

The "you lie" congressman takes to You Tube, speaks again.

"I will not be muzzled." (Now please give me money...)


Also see Apologies Just Aren't What They Used To Be from Talk Left:

Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) just appeared with local talk-radio host Keven Cohen on WVOC radio in Columbia, South Carolina, where he explained how it was that he came to yell "You lie!" during President Obama's speech to Congress -- and he also said that he's received support from his colleagues in Congress, and even from Democrats. Wilson said that overall, he's gotten a positive reception. "It's been truly incredible, the phones have run off the hook at home in all offices, and the e-mails, the vast majority have been very favorable."
. . . I'm very, very appreciative of the outpouring of support."

For what it's worth, you can get your free, I'm with Joe Wilson T-shirt here.

And finally, for comic relief, see @_You_Lie on Twitter

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