Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cudos to JD Supra

JD Supra is rapidly emerging as the legal profession's deepest and most credible online repository for legal articles, precedents and documentation.

A recent experience with the site, however, reveals that JD Supra also offers the added benefit of a truly personal touch that demonstrates, quite unexpectedly, another manner in which the site appears to be a cut above its many social media competitors.

A few weeks ago, after uploading an initial draft of my paper, Lawyers in the Cloud - A Cautionary Tale, to the site, I noted a few, remaining formatting issues. After completing a further revision, I posted my final, updated version at JD Supra.

I was having difficulties deleting the earlier, superseded version. I didn't report the issue to the site, however.

Shortly thereafter, I received the email below from the site:
Dear Mr. Wise,

Just touching base with you quickly to be sure that this morning's document on your JD Supra profile is indeed the one you want live and in public view. We see that you tried to replace - and it looks like you have succeeded in getting the correct one up there, but want to be sure.

We've noticed a technical issue to do with your initial attempt to replace the original document (an issue overcome, it seems, by the fact that you then uploaded a second time).

Suffice to say: we just want to be sure that this is the document you want live on the site. Please let me know. If so, we will delete the other versions currently in limbo on JD Supra's servers. If it isn't the version you want live, we'll take care of things.

We like the doc and want to feature it in our network later, and so I want to be certain it is the correct one.

Please let me know.

Adrian Lurssen

As someone who has at times waited literally weeks for any response at all from Facebook, Google and Technorati (among others) to my technical and account-related enquiries, I can't tell you how pleasant a surprise it was to encounter a site that actually has a real, human interface - and beyond that - is genuinely proactive in addressing its users' issues.

The email discussions following Mr. Lurssen's initial contact were just as pleasant and helpful. He was even good enough to point out to me that the Twitter bugs had already tweeted on the original.

Well done, JD Supra, and thank you, Adrian Lurssen.

Our article article on cloud computing, by the way, is now featured at JD Supra's Electronic Discovery Document Center.

- Garry J. Wise, Toronto

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