Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Top 10 Legal News Headlines: Recently Tweeted - October 14, 2009 Recap

Time to catch up on the best of the legal headlines we've posted to Twitter since our last recap.

Here are Wise Law Blog's Top 10 Recently Tweeted legal news stories from the previous ten days:

  1. A Day About Bad Lawyering at the U.S High Court
  2. Quebec specialists support legalizing euthanasia
  3. A Facebook Poke Can Put You in the Pokey - PC World
  4. Jury vetting's legal upshot - National Post
  5. “Criminal Defendant Escapes After Being Mistaken for Lawyer”
  6. Dismissal of NHL Ref for Union Activity?
  7. Court Hears Free-Speech Case on Dogfight Videos
  8. Throw out 'bizarre' prostitution laws, court told -
  9. Harper Government proposes random breathalyzer tests
  10. Legal Sector Lost 2,000 Jobs in September
See you again, shortly.

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