Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Canada's Prostitution Laws Struck by Ontario Superior Court Ruling

Madame Justice Susan Himel of the Ontario Superior Court today released her decision in the challenge to Canada's prostitution laws launched by sex trade worker Terri-Jean Bradford.
"By increasing the risk of harm to street prostitutes, the communicating law is simply too high a price to pay for the alleviation of social nuisance."
-- Madame Justice Susan Himel
  • keeping a common bawdy house (s.210(1));
  • communication for the purposes of prostitution (s.213(1)(c)), and
  • living on the avails of prostitution (s.212(1)(j)),
All provisions were struck on the basis that the laws unnecessarily endanger prostitutes working on the street.

The Crown is moving for a stay of the ruling, to allow the law to stand until Parliament can address the situation with amendments to the Code.

- Christopher Bird, Toronto


A PDF of the full, 140 page text of Madame Justice Himel's ruling in Bedford, Lebovitch and Scott v. Attorney General of Canada is here (h/t Simon Fodden at Slaw).

Update: September 30, 2010

The quicker-loading html version is now online here

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