Thursday, September 30, 2010

A U.S. Conservative View on Canada's Human Rights Tribunals

The Legal System that is Canada, from Ted Frank at Point of Law:
The University of Windsor might have a bit more trouble recruiting a dean for its law school after an Ontario Human Rights Tribunal announced that it reserved for itself the right to fire any dean hired and replace them with a complainant, Emily Carasco, who has argued that the search committee's consideration of allegations of plagiarism in her unsuccessful quest for the job reflected gender discrimination.
Yes, Mr. Frank, pretty soon nobody will seek appointment as dean of any Candian law school. And it will all be because of those nasty human rights tribunals.

When pigs (or conservatives) fly.
- Garry J. Wise, Toronto


What interests me is the outrageous hostility towards the human rights tribunal and human rights law in both the [National Post] Editorial (by Jonathan Kay), but even more so by the loads of mouth-foaming commentators to the piece.
...If we abolish human rights statutes, then there would be no remedy for a person who, though most qualified, is denied a job because of her sex, religion, race, etc. But that seems to be what the Post and its readers want. Or are they making some other sort of argument that I can’t see through all the slobbering hatred and anger in their words?

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