Tuesday, October 05, 2010

On Supreme Courts and Puppy Mills

Two articles which both rank highly on the "read the whole thing" scale today.

Firstly, over at Slate, Dahlia Lithwick and Barry Friedman explain how the John Roberts Supreme Court disguises its conservatism. From a Canadian standpoint it's interesting to see how an ideologically inclined top court picks its cases when compared to a less ideological court than our Supremes:
How to explain the justices shoving the law rightward, while everyone thinks it is dead center or too far left? The answer is that Roberts is a brilliant magician. He and his four fellow conservative justices have worked some classic illusionist tricks to distract us from seeing the truth. Roberts is likely the first chief justice to understand that the message matters as much as the outcome. He has played his role with consummate skill, allowing the law to shape-shift before our very eyes, even as he and his fellow conservatives claim that nothing is happening.
Less legally reasoned but no less eye-opening is a Missouri Tea Party group's campaign against legislation which would regulate dog breeders in a way meant to prevent puppy mills. It appears that banning breeders from letting puppies go without regular vet checkups or clean water is, apparently, tyrannical socialism of the worst kind.
- Christopher Bird, Toronto
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