Monday, October 25, 2010

Vote in Toronto's Municipal Election

Following up on Garry's earlier post today, all Ontario readers should of course vote in today's municipal elections, but Toronto readers should especially take note.

The mayorship of Toronto is one of the most important political positions in the country, and if we were to construct a ratio of most political power to least amount of voter participation determining who has that power, it would far and away be in first place.

To assist you in making up your mind, you might want to consider Torontoist's assessments of each candidate's platforms: community and social services, transportation policy, finance and arts/culture policy. The assessments are fair and reflect each candidate's stated policy goals, with more detailed links for those interested.

Also consider the major endorsements for each candidate:
  • Rob Ford is endorsed by The Toronto Sun, The National Post, and city councillors Doug Holyday, Mike Del Grande, Giorgio Mammoliti, and John Parker, among others.
  • George Smitherman is endorsed by The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, Torontoist, former mayors David Crombie, Art Eggleton and John Sewell, MP Bob Rae, former mayoral candidate Sarah Thomson and city councillors Joe Mihevic, Pam McConnell Adam Vaughn, among others.
  • Joe Pantalone is endorsed by Jack Layton, MP Olivia Chow, former mayor David Miller, the Toronto and York Region Labour Council, actress Sarah Polley, and city councillors Sandra Bussin, Howard Moscoe, and Mark Grimes, among others.
Then go out and vote!

- Christopher Bird, Toronto
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