Wednesday, December 08, 2010

WikiLeaks Facebook Page, Twitter Posts To Remain as Global Cat-and-Mouse Operations Escalate

Two posts from SocialBarrel indicate that while WikiLeaks may be having serious issues elsewhere, its continued presence on major social media sites is not in apparent, immediate jeopardy. See:
Also see Facebook and Twitter Stand By Wikileaks…For Now from Mike Isaac's blog at

Many see WikiLeaks as the Robin Hood of online journalism - taking from the secrecy-obsessed and giving to the information-starved. That may be an interesting, if academic debate, at this point. As Time asserts, WikiLeaks: Winning the Info War Despite Assange's Arrest

For anyone with a shred of continuing belief in the nation-state as an institution, however, it is the fallout of the "cables" affair that is of increasing concern.

Beyond the obvious political and diplomatic ramifications, I am frankly unsure which of these related developments is more frightening and ominous:
If this cat-and-mouse game is all eerily reminiscent of a Bruce Willis movie (with no Bruce Willis in sight), it is also a wake-up call about the extreme degree of unchecked, self-interested power that exists as a blatant fault line in this new, global-digital epoch whose birth we are apparently witnessing in real-time.

I'm not sure where this is leading us, but I suspect it's no place good.
- Garry J. Wise, Toronto

Update: Add Mastercard and Paypal, and VISA and Senator Joseph Lieberman to the list of sites targeted by "Operation Payback."
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