Wednesday, January 05, 2011

140Law - Legal Headlines for January 05, 2011

Here are today's leading legal headlines from Wise Law on Twitter:
  • Can Law Firms Force Partners to Retire at Age 65? | Doorey's Workplace Law Blog -
  • Court: FCC can't penalize ABC for 7-second nude shot - CTV News -
  • FDA Won't Interfere with Importation of Lethal-Injection Drugs for Executions - Law Blog - WSJ -
  • New CA Divorce Laws: A new bout of California laws for the New Year includes changes to Caifornia divorce law: F...
  • Proposition 8: Appeals court seeks guidance in gay marriage case from Cal. Supreme Court on bill sponsors' standing -
  • Michael Jackson's family in court as doctor accused over death | Raw Story -
  • Payday For Scarborough's Bell Lotto Winners On Hold as New Claims Emerge for Share of Winnings - CityNews -
  • Anti-polygamy law challenged in Canada court; hearing resumes - Washington Times -
  • Appeals court says 1913 memorial cross on federal land in San Diego is unconstitutional - -
  • Dean Sossin's Blog | What’s Coming in 2011…? -
  • CBC News - Toronto - Court may release G20 probe documents -
  • Limitation Periods in Wrongful Dismissal Cases -
  • Canadian Privacy Law Blog: Privacy year in review (2010): Caselaw -
  • Sup Ct of Can grants SOCAN leave to appeal holding that Canada’s fair dealing provision permits 30 second song previews
  • Courtney Love defamation trial starts Jan 18 - first high-profile defamation trial over a celebrity's Tweets -
  • Legal Skills Prof Blog: Former law student charged with threatening professor, "razing and pillaging" his school -
- Rachel Spence, Toronto

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