Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Thinking of Making the Switch from Facebook to Google+?

Are you thinking of switching to Google+?

Eweek takes on this question today, and provides ten compelling reasons to make the change. Most convincing to me are:
  • The ease of directing and limiting your shared items to specified groups of contacts, and
  • Google+ introduces revolutionary video chat capability that enables instant video conferences involving up to ten participants (or more, I suppose, if multiple people are on camera at any of the participating locations).
The only problems so far, however, are that practically nobody can really figure out how to use Google+, and virtually nobody is using it.

Lots of people are apparently exploring, according to media reports - 10 million users in two weeks is certainly not shabby. Still, there's not a lot of activity going on yet, outside of the unapologetic geekosphere, which has been drooling non-stop since this service was launched.

My early review is that this newest social media giant is here to stay. I suspect it will ultimately develop a peaceful co-existence with Facebook and Twitter as competing networks with very different identities and distinct purposes.

I'd be very surprised to see any mass exodus from Facebook, as some are now predicting. Google+ will not topple the others simply because it exists, no matter how sexy, shiny and new it may now be.

As its real points of difference from the other sites emerge, however, it will likely be a very strong, permanent player.

What will the Google+ identity and culture ultimately be? I think it's way too early to tell, but I am quite sure this service will slowly and convincingly continue to evolve.

At very least, I suspect it will emerge as a central social media hub for lawyers (and businesses generally), due to its built in integration with other Google services. Its video conferencing capability is certainly going to be extremely tempting, as well, for limitless commercial applications.

The virtual courtroom, for example, could be much closer to reality than we think.

Imagine arguing procedural motions from the comfort of your own office via Google+ video sessions that involve all counsel and the presiding judge. All of this, free of charge, and no waiting time wasted before you are reached on the Court's list.

For what its worth, the official Google+ iPhone app is now available. Google+ Mobile download information for all platforms is here.

The iPhone version is quite sleek and I'm sure it will get lots of use.

(If we can figure this darned Google+ thing out, that is).

My Google+ profile page is here, if you'd care to share.
- Garry J. Wise, Toronto
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