Thursday, January 03, 2013

Blawg-Rolling In the New Year

In taking his well-deserved 2012 Clawbie victory lap, Trial Warrior Blog's Antonin Pribetic made a good point that got me thinking:

Whether you blawg for fun or profit, remember to always share link-love and promote others, especially those with whom you disagree; this is the key to building a lasting online reputation among your peers and the public.
Those of us who have been around for a while have, indeed, all benefited at one time or another from links to our blogs by more-established and larger law blogs, here in Canada and elsewhere. Those links helped us to gain exposure and build readership, and the conversations (and occasional arguments) that ensued, both online and off, have generally been the most enjoyable and gratifying part of the whole thing.

Eric Turkewitz of New York Personal Injury Attorney Blog (and April Fool's fame) also touched on this theme last month:
Now the point I wanted to make: When I was just a baby blogger, some six years ago, I was irritated by some point or article that Walter Olson noted at Overlawyered and wrote a response. And Olson proceeded to give me the best damn lesson in blogging that I ever received: He amended his post to say, and for an opposing view, see Turkewitz. WTF?
“The enemy” had just given me link juice and readers. It took just a heartbeat to fully comprehend the nature of the blogosphere. We are not islands unto ourselves, but this is an ongoing conversation. Nor is this a conversation to be had solely among those with whom we agree. What good is that?
Unlike many politicians (and arguing spouses) that simply talk past each other, barely even acknowledging the position of the other, Olson engaged. And with less than a year under my belt, he then added me to his blogroll (which I wrote about).
Frank wrote something that was interesting. People responded. They may agree or disagree with him, but this is what makes for a vibrant blogosphere. Let us celebrate.
(Overlawyered was also very generous in giving this blog early exposure, way back when...)

Inspired by Antonin's comments, I've decided to kick off 2013 by giving our BlawgRoll a long overdue update and facelift.

And so, what you will see below is our new BlawgRoll.  It now lives in the center column of this blog.

The task of updating and compiling this list was made much easier by referring to the Canadian Law Blogs List, kindly maintained by the good folks at Stem Legal.

If I've inadvertently missed your law blog, let me know, so I can add it.

Some of the best of Canada's Law Blogs:

Omar Ha-Redeye
Mitchell Kowalski
Entertainment & Media Law Signal
Andrew Feldstein Family Law Blog
Connie Crosby
Adam Goodman’s Criminal Law Blog
Michael Carabash - DL Blog
Fertility Law Canada Blog
Barry Sookman
Thomas Conway's LSUC Treasurer's Blog
PSW Family Law Blog
Darryl Singer
EJ Guiste On Law and Justice
Ontario Condo Law Blog
E-Discovery Blog Canada
Avoid a Claim
All About Information
Library Boy
Lachance on Law
First Reference Blog
Thoughtful Legal Management
The Canadian Privacy Law Blog
eLegal Canton
Familyllb’s Blog
The Trial Warrior Blog

Thoughts from a Management Lawyer
Doorey’s Workplace Law Blog
Employment & Human Rights Law in Canada
Human Rights in the Workplace
Workplace Wire
Stringer Workplace Law Blog
Sean Bawden’s Law Blog for the Suddenly Unemployed
Toronto Estate Law Blog
Toronto Estates and Trusts Monitor
Rule of Law
Donna Neff’s Law Blog
Shaunna Mireau on Canadian Legal Research
The Court
Legal Post Blog
Legal Feeds
Precedent: The New Rules of Law and Style
Lee Akazaki: SQP jeunes avocats | new lawyers’ mentorship
BC Injury Law And ICBC Claims Blog
Morton’s Musings
Vancouver Law Librarian Blog
The Canadian Privacy Law Blog
My Legal Briefcase Blog
Sapna Technology Law
Cavanagh Williams Conway Baxter Blawg
Canadian Law Blog Awards

That's a lot of good reading to be done.  Enjoy.

And so, fellow law bloggers, listen to Antonin (on this topic, at least), and do share the link-love in 2013.

- Garry J. Wise, Toronto

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