Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dialogue with the "Law Society Guy"

My discussion with B.C. Law Society lawyer and practice management guru, David Bilinsky, continues today with this week's installment at SlawTips.  

See Perspectives on Practice Management: The Regulator and the Practitioner.

Here's a snippet:
Perhaps our regulators would do well to recognize – and dare I say learn from – the degree of dedication and determination so many of us have to getting it right, just as we must recognize how discouraging it must be for our Law Societies to so constantly confront situations where individuals in our profession fall short or are perceived by the public to fall short in delivering the most basic of client services.
When David so kindly invited me to join him for this ThursdaySlawTips adventure, I confess I was both flattered and extremely interested in seeing where this conversation between the practitioner and the “Law Society guy” might lead.  
And while we will get to the answers to the practice management questions above soon (I promise), my Practice Tip for the day is a simple one:  When regulators and practitioners dialogue, only good things are bound to happen.
- Garry J. Wise, Toronto
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Catherine Gannon said...

This is a vital toipic now in times of change - regulation in the Uk is seriously impeding lawyers being able to compete on anything like a level playing field. It seems the public and businesses are increasingly wanting unbundled legal advice but regulation makes it difficult for lawyers to offer this without significant regulatory and legal risk for the lawyers. something has to give, and at the moment it seems to be that lawyers are being hung out to dry from all sides.