Thursday, January 14, 2016

Use A Screensaver to Protect Client Confidentiality

Legal professionals properly place high priority on securing our computer infrastructures to protect client confidentiality.

Our desktop screens, however, are often overlooked, as a source of potential security breaches.

Is your computer screen visible to visitors to your office? Are prying eyes able to catch a glimpse of confidential information on your desktop?

There’s an easy solution to avoid inadvertent lapses in confidentiality that can happen when screens are exposed.

Use a screensaver to protect the data on your screen.

Whether it’s a built-in screensaver that ships with your operating system, or one of the numerous installables that is available online, there are no shortage of options for hiding your screen when your computer is idle.

If you are marketing-minded, you can use your firm’s logo or other promotional material as a screensaver to hide your screen, while also building your brand.

You can even use your website’s home page or any live web page as your screensaver.

However you choose to do it, use a screensaver to ensure that the data on your desktop screen offers no temptation to people who enter your office, whether they be clients, cleaners or other visitors who pop in for a friendly chat.

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- Garry J. Wise, Toronto

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