Friday, December 23, 2016

LSUC Targets Racism in the Legal Profession


Rachel Spence and Lara Friedman"Effective responses to racial discrimination and racial profiling start with acknowledging that racism exists." 18 — Ontario Human Rights Commission."
The Law Society of Upper Canada recently published a report, “Working Together for Change: Strategies to Address Issues of Systemic Racism in the Legal Professions," 
The strategic framework [proposed by the Report] is the culmination of thorough study and province-wide consultations, showing that racialized lawyers and paralegals face longstanding and significant challenges at all stages of their legal careers.
The Report recommends 13 strategic initiatives, including the following; 
  1. Reinforcing Professional Obligations 
  2. Diversity and Inclusion Project 
  3. The Adoption of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Principles and Practices 
  4. Measuring Progress through Quantitative Analysis 
  5. Measuring Progress through Qualitative Analysis 
  6. Inclusion Index 
  7. Repeat Challenges Faced by Racialized Licensees Project Inclusion Survey the Law 
  8. Progressive Compliance Measures 
  9. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programs on Topics of Equality and Inclusion in the Professions 
  10. The Licensing Process 
  11. Building Communities of Support
  12. Addressing Complaints of Systemic Discrimination 
  13. Leading by Example 
The Law Society also calls for action in five areas, as follows;
  1. Accelerating a culture shift
  2. Measuring progress 
  3. Educating for change 
  4. Implementing supports 
  5. Leading by example 
To learn more about this, please read the article published by The Law Society of Upper Canada.

Let us work together to make racism a thing of the past!

- Lara Friedman and Rachel Spence

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