Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Heather Mallick on The Resisters

Journalist Heather Mallick has a thoughtful commentary at CBC in which she is highly critical of the Supreme Court of Canada's refusal last week to hear appeals by two U.S. war resisters from the denial of their claims for Canadian refugee status:

[The] Supreme Court of Canada’s ruling on American war resisters told the world we are too frightened to stare down Washington...

The Supreme Court has refused to hear an appeal by American war resisters that they not be sent back to the U.S. for prosecution and has thrown the matter back to Parliament. The principle is "refugee asylum" and it’s odd that the court suddenly won’t recognize the nature of the dispute.

Here’s what Pierre Elliott Trudeau said during the Vietnam War: "Those who make the conscientious judgment that they must not participate in this war … have my complete sympathy, and indeed our political approach has been to give them access to Canada. Canada should be a refuge from militarism."

Look at us now.

... Canada is becoming what the Americans call a 'Red State,' like Nebraska but without the charm, the intellect and the top ranking in Northern beans production. My gawd, I’m living in Omaha. Self, how did I get here?

I covered this subject matter last week, but came to a very different conclusion.

I don't necessarily like the Court's ruling, but I'm convinced the Court made the right decision. For a similar view, see The Court.

- Garry J. Wise, Toronto

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