Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Taser Canada

CBC reports that B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell has apologized to the mother of Robert Dziekansk, a Polish immigrant who died on October 14 after being repeatedly stunned by an RCMP Taser:

"I'm sure the RCMP would be glad to apologize. So I'm glad to apologize on behalf of people in British Columbia for what took place," Campbell said on Monday about the recent death of Robert Dziekanski at Vancouver International Airport.

"That was something that was devastating to her [Dziekanski's mother Zosia Cisowski] in more ways than I can even begin to imagine."

Videotape, released last week, cast an international spotlight on the incident and on the use of the weapon by law enforcement in Canada.

The British Columbia provincial government has ordered a full public inquiry into the October 14 incident. The inquiry's terms of reference include:

  • A review of the appropriate use and policies employed by police in British Columbia with respect to the Taser, and recommend necessary changes.
  • A full review of the incident involving Dziekanski, including (but not limited to) the actions of the RCMP, Canadian Border Services and immigration processes and Vancouver airport.
  • Recommendations on how procedures can be improved with respect to the handling of foreign passengers coming into British Columbia through the Vancouver airport.
The commissioner of the inquiry will be identified in the near future, and formal terms of reference will be drafted at that time... Once appointed, the commissioner will start the review immediately.

There is much related news on police use of Taser guns in Canada:

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