Saturday, December 15, 2007

eBay Targeted by France Lawsuit

AFP reports on pending litigation in France against online auction megasite, eBay:

PARIS (AFP) — France's auction houses said Monday they are taking joint legal action against the online giant eBay, accusing it of encouraging trade in pirated and stolen goods.

The council is representing the French auction industry accuses the Internet trader of breaking a French 2000 law which requires all auctioneers to be approved by the state.

"Above and beyond the unfair competition," it said, eBay's situation "is leading to a rising number of goods being auctioned without regard for the law on public sales."

The council accused eBay of failing to uphold rules designed to protect consumers and combat tax evasion and the trade of counterfeit and stolen goods.

eBay issued a statement rejecting the lawsuit as "totally unfounded", saying it was not concerned by the law in question.

"eBay's activities and those of the auctioneers are totally separate, as stated by the law, and as we have regularly reminded the council since eBay started trading in France," it said.

(h/t - Sandra, who notes that there appear to be so many lawsuits pending against eBay that litigation "almost seems to be part of the company's business model." )

For more examples of eBay's continuing brushes with the law, see:

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