Friday, October 01, 2010

Court Humour (Your Friday Funny)

Recently making the rounds of Digg and Reddit is this eight-year-old humour piece (rescued from the depths of the internet, as Digg and Reddit are prone to do) from the late Miles Kington, wherein Kington makes up a pretty funny witness/barrister dialogue:
Counsel: Now, Mr Chrysler – for let us assume that that is your name – you are accused of purloining in excess of 40,000 hotel coat hangers.

Chrysler: I am.

Counsel: Can you explain how this came about?

Chrysler: Yes. I had 40,000 coats which I needed to hang up.

Counsel: Is that true?

Chrysler: No.
Read the whole thing, and then the followup, but you probably shouldn't take it as a teaching example unless you think the judge is in an exceptionally good mood.

- Christopher Bird, Toronto

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