Monday, December 11, 2006

The Impeachment Drumbeat Quietly Begins


January 1, 2007

I started writing this entry in mid-December, around the time James Baker's Iraqi Study Group Report was released.

I never got around to finishing it, but with the official changeover of the U.S. Congress tomorrow, I thought this would be a good time to post it.


It's beginning...

Firedoglake identifies the problem presented by the status quo, in this quote from the New York Times:

Andrew H. Card Jr., the president’s chief of staff until last spring, said that whatever Mr. Bush did in Iraq would probably fall short of many of the commission’s recommendations, and that he was likely to continue making decisions that he believed were right even if unpopular. Referring to Mr. Bush’s secret intelligence briefings, Mr. Card said, “The president by definition knows more than any of those people who are serving on these panels.”

Vanity Fair's James Wolcott nicely frames the question:

So how long is Bush going to be allowed to persist in his folly, to stubbornly reiterate his determination to see the mission through as if he were Captain Ahab on the heaving deck? Too many American lives hang in the balance to indulge his delusions any further, or those of his knavish footmen.

In Particles Of Impeachment, Poputonian adds:

So what are we waiting for? George W. Bush had better strap on his Codpiece, and Dick Cheney had better grab his cholestrol-infested ass. I think the rank and file are coming after them.

At Huffington Post, Steve Young's If Lying About War's Reality is Impeachable, Start the Proceedings lays some groundwork.

Lie once, you're a liar.

If this administration has been deceiving the American public over what has been taking place in the war, can we believe them when they say they do not torture? Can we believe them about anything?

Impeachable? Sending the country into a war based on lies still must be investigated to nail down any culpability. Keeping this country in a deadly war based on lies?

Friend of the family, Jim Baker, just confirmed it: this President is guilty.

The impeachment drumbeat. Quietly, but surely, it has begun.

I suspect its volume will only increase in 2007.

- Garry J. Wise, Toronto

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