Friday, June 12, 2009

California Marketing Executive Awarded $4.1.Billion in Wrongful Dismissal Suit

A California arbitrator has awarded a marketing executive compensation of $4.1 billion in a wrongful dismissal claim.

Via World of Work:

An arbitrator recently awarded $4.1 billion in favor of the former chief marketing officer of iFreedom Communications Inc., finding that iFreedom breached his employment contract by firing him without cause. You read that right: $4.1 billion, with a "b." U.S. Dollars, not Zimbabwean. Don't believe us? You can read the opinion yourself: Chester v. iFreedom Communications Inc.

...So, how did Chester rack up $4.1 billion in damages? The employment agreement guaranteed him a salary of $12,000 a month plus commissions of 5 percent of gross sales; if he was fired without cause, he would continue to receive commissions. iFreedom also was supposed to provide Chester with 1.1 million shares of common stock upon hiring and another 600,000 shares if he met certain sales targets . Apparently, iFreedom did really, really well. Sales, stock and interest added up, and in a big way.

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