Thursday, December 31, 2009

140Law - December 31, 2009 Edition

recently tweetedWith the 'tens upon us in but a few short hours, allow me to thank all of our readers, RSS subscribers, Facebook friends, LinkedIn contacts and Twitter followers and list-makers for being with us here in 2009.

To those who've been kind enough to retweet and link to our articles this year, many thanks. Special greetings, as well to our fellow bloggers and many friends who receive our feeds via Progressive Bloggers, Liblogs, Blogging Canadians, Canada's Best Political Blogs and LiberalsOnline.

Your readership, comments and encouragement continue to make this fun.

My thanks, as always, to Rachel, Bill, Shashi, Stephen, Nicole, Ashallie, Saqib and Sami for in a great year at Wise Law Office.

What more to say in this, our final post of 2009 (barring something unforeseen)?

Happy new year to all.

To send off 2009 in style, here's a peek at the leading legal headlines we've posted at Twitter in the last few weeks:
And finally, a nod to mediation blogger Victoria Pynchon's Ten New Year's (Dispute) Resolutions for 2010.

That's all folks. See you next year.

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