Saturday, December 05, 2009

Michael Bryant, Former Ontario AG, Joins Ogilvy Renault

Via Canadian Press:

Former political star Michael Bryant is back at work, quietly acting as a senior adviser for a top law firm in Toronto.

The former attorney general, who is facing criminal charges stemming from an accident with a cyclist in August, started this week with Ogilvy Renault and is working with the firm's energy law team.

"Our view is Michael has the depth, has the expertise that he understands issues, which are particular to the energy sector of infrastructure spending and we believe he can bring a lot of value," said John West, a senior partner at the firm.

..."We feel very strongly that Michael is entitled to a presumption of innocence," said West, adding he did not want to "pre-judge" the difficult circumstances Bryant is facing.

"He should not be treated to a lesser standard than anyone else would be."


Anonymous said...

"He should not be treated to a lesser standard than anyone else would be."

Of course not, except anybody else would not have Navigator nor be hired by a prestigious law firm. Shite, who are you kidding? Bryant used his vehicle as a weapon, that's criminal. Where is William Deverell when we need him?

Stop shilling please. It reflects very poorly.

Anonymous said...

Let's make a comparison:

<> David Dewees- a man ACCUSED of sexual offences. Before having an opportunity to go to court and defend himself he was subjected to a media storm, and police accusations that painted him as a sexual pervert and child predator. He committed suicide as a result.

<> Michael Bryant- a man charged with criminal negligence causing death and dangerous driving causing death. The authorities question but don't arrest him. He doesn't spend a day in jail. He doens't have a bail hearing- as would any of us were we in his position. The police even let somone bring him a nice suit so he could look presentable as he makes a statement to the media. He was also a no-show for his second court appearance at Old City Hall today. Now he's offered a position at a prestegiuos law firm (what does this say about the law firm?).

Isn't it great how, when you have wealth and political clout, the media and the police will bend over backwards for you? Trust you, you definitely do NOT have to worry about Michael Bryant 'being treated to a lesser standard'.

Bark said...

Protect your own.That`s the lawyer game.