Thursday, June 10, 2010

Coming Soon: The Conservative Party Infomercial Channel?

Warren Kinsella is surprisingly too kind to his friend, Kory Teneycke, a Conservative party stalwart who has made application to the CRTC to bring a Fox-News style cable channel to Canada's airwaves.

Mr. Kinsella simply could have pointed out the obvious - this appears little more than a barely-veiled attempt to launch a Conservative Party infomercial channel, not a news channel at all.

No, thanks.

(Or as Don Newman succinctly put it, "the absolute last thing this country needs.")

- Garry J. Wise, Toronto

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Anonymous said...

How can so many smart people be so afraid of more information? The right wants the CBC shut down and the left is worried about a new Fox style news channel. Here's a thought...let me and the other guy decide what I want to watch. I know its a novel idea of freedom, but, the arrogance of both sides to attempt to determine what is in thier minds suitable for me to watch is astounding. billg

ck said...

I wonder what the chances are that the CRTC would actually approve of the licensing for such a channel? As if Talk radio & CTV weren't enough.

Anonymous said...

What is the big deal? What are you afraid of? It's not like you would have to pay for it. Have you ever watched FOX news channel? I watch FOX and CNN as well as others, and FOX is the most balanced, offering both sides to issues.

Seriously, though, what makes Don Newman an authority on what Canada needs? He read the news on a publicly funded "news" show. Big deal - hardly makes him worthy of knowing what Canada needs.

If anything, Canada needs to stop wasting a billion dollars each year on the CBC and stop taking my tax dollars to do it.

CK - why wouldn't the CRTC approve of this channel. If you think talk radio and CTV are enough - that's your opinion but many others don't share it.

Anonymous said...

I am afraid that the first anonymous post does not understand that we are concerned not about information, but about mis-information. We look to the south and see the preposterous lies that "pundits" say on opinion programs masquerading as news and information, and no one corrects them, and the public gets whipped up into a frenzy over lies: death panels ring a bell? (no such thing) Obama is raising taxes? (the lower and middle classes saw tax decreases) ring a bell? Obama isn't actually an American? (???)He's taking our guns? (gun laws were actually relaxed) While having excited viewers are good for a TV channel, mis-information is not fair to the viewer when the "packaging" implies that you are seeing someone report the news, not "making stuff up". Tea partiers had seniors out with placards reading stuff to the effect of Keep socialism out of my Medicare. That's not serving the public to lie to them. If there were a fact checker on Fox, it would be running considerably fewer hours in the day...


Anonymous said...

I say bring it on.

I want to see the right champion free market success and failure while they rationalize buying car companies.

Anonymous said...

I am also concerned about misinformation. This is supposed to be a free country and you people do not have to watch the new channel. Be happy - just keep your heads under the sand.

I will watch, as CBC and CTV do not report the news objectively and selectively omit news that would be unfavourable to climate carbon credits, for example. I will also watch CBC and CTV, as I would like to be able to make up muy own mind, when I hear all sides of an issue.