Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Long Island Judge Jails Mother for Parental Alienation

A New York Superior Court judge has sentenced a mother to six weekends in jail for civil contempt, finding she engaged in a pattern of alienating behaviour, including false allegations of sexual abuse, calculated to interfere with her former husband's scheduled time and relationship with their children.

Supreme Court Justice Robert A. Ross in Nassau County... held Ms. R. in civil contempt and ordered her to report to the Nassau County Correctional Facility every other weekend this summer.

Her term was to have begun on Friday, but was temporarily stayed pending appeal by a judge from the Appellate Division, 2nd Department, on Thursday.

"The evidence before me demonstrates a pattern of willful and calculated violations of the clear and express dictates of the parties' Stipulation of Settlement," Ross wrote in Lauren R. v. Ted R., 203699-02.

"The extensive record is replete with instances of attempts to undermine the relationship between the children and their father and replace him with her new husband, manipulation of defendant's parenting access, utter and unfettered vilification of the defendant to the children, false reporting of sexual misconduct without any semblance of 'good faith,' and her imposition upon the children to fear her tirades and punishment if they embrace the relationship they want to have with their father."

- Garry J. Wise, Toronto

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Anonymous said...

I would love to contact this judge and commend him for his decision. It is about time that there are consequences for the actions of those not acting in the best interest of their children. I applaude his decision!

Anonymous said...

Going through a similar situation in Nassau County myself and will need to go to court soon. Wish I would have the same luck in getting a judge who sees it like it is rather than being politically correct and being dismissive of parental alienation as a true phenomenon which merits punishment.

Anonymous said...

Thankfully a judge who has enough wisdom to see through PAS! My husband's oldest daughter is 19 & the judge did nothing when Mom refused to comply with visitation. We saw my step-daughter 6 times since she was 13 yrs old. We haven't seen her in 3 yrs now. There were false allegations of inappropriate touching in our case too. The judge saw right through it & still ordered the child to stay with us on weekends. The court ordered his ex to a mental evaluation, yet she refused to take one. {She has borderline personality disorder.} The court did not enforce the eval nor did they give her any consequences for not complying with visitations. I have no faith in the justice system. I am a family counselor and I am appauled at the lack of justice given to fathers by the court system. This post makes me very please to see some justice regarding visitation instead of enforcing the inappropriately set child support.

Anonymous said...

Why was this allowed to go on so long before something was done? It would seem that a law guradian or such would have been able to work this out otherwise. I do not think that Judge Ross did the right thing; in the end the children still suffer; so for those who think this is a great verdict, remember it is about the children. Not Judge Ross who should have done something sooner. This is another example of how the courts allow these cases and circumstances to go on for much too long and the Judges and attorneys have the power to change that; for the sake of the children.