Sunday, June 27, 2010

Toronto's Security Theatre

Is there anything in Toronto's history to suggest that fencing off most of downtown Toronto was even remotely necessary to adequately secure the G20 conference or to provide due protection for visiting world leaders?

Plainly, the answer is no.

The Harper security kabuki was bound to be taken as a constitutional affront by Toronto's law-abiding citizens and as a provocation by peaceful protesters who have every lawful right to make their voices heard.

That speaks for itself.

Even so, to my eyes, it looked like most of the "demonstrators" downtown were there for a street party, not a violent clash with authority.

With hindsight, we will be left wondering whether it was an overreaching security plan, rather than the G2o conference itself, that was the lightning rod that ignited so much of the commotion we have witnessed over the weekend.

Tellingly, the imposition of a virtual security regime in Toronto for the G20 weekend may have given the so-called "anarchists" (who look mostly to be youthful, attention-seeking thugs, rather than genuine political activists of any colour) a stunning victory by default, if the mere fear of their arrival could purport to justify locking down so much of our vital inner city.

That's a pretty serious accomplishment for a bunch of misdirected kids armed with sticks and stones and matches and spray-paint.

And an embarrassment to our nation.

- Garry J. Wise, Toronto

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ck said...

there are many bloggers as well as myself, as you may well know from following #g20 on Twitter since yesterday, that many if not all of these 'anarchists' are agents provocateurs.

I mean, 1000 plus cops with their expensive body armour and even more expensive toys were no match for a couple of hundred kids with sticks and stones??? They couldn't even thwart the onset of the damage??

1000 Plus overpriced Barney Fifes?

Another thing? WAsn't there a water cannon (or even more than one) as part of their war chest and yet, they couldn't put out the fires?

ridenrain said...

I'm happy we didn't see Chretien style micromanagement with the PMO moving police about like pawns on the map. The government left it up to the OPP and, for all their toys and bluster, were the same wimps as they are on native blockades and any other protest. All hail progressive Toronto and the politicians who screen for the radicals.