Friday, February 17, 2017

Applying the Bardal Factors


The innovative, former president of CanLii, Colin Lachance, recently acquired the iconic Maritime Law Book, and it appears that he is well on his way to continuing to revolutionize Canada's legal information, publication and research industries.

He recently launched "Bardal Factors," a beta version of a possible, future service aimed at taking some of the guess work out of applying the factors that determine reasonable notice in Canadian employment law cases.

The site works by asking users the age and length of employment of the employee.  The user then submits the information and the site returns links to sample court rulings that utilized similar factors, such as age, position and length of employment in their decisions.

If its development continues, this prototype will become a great tool that employees, employers and employment law professionals can use to obtain quick "comparables" to guide in the assessment of notice entitlements.

According to Colin, in its future iterations, the site would draw from a much larger database of court decisions, increase the depth of employee-related fields and factors to be considered, and organize its output geographically, by province.

We give this concept a thumbs up!

Keep it going, Colin.  
- Garry J. Wise and Rachel Spence

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