Friday, February 03, 2017

Why You Need Practice Directions in Your Life


When I first embarked upon my journey in legal assisting, I thought memorizing the Rules of Civil Procedure, Small Claims Court and Family Court was going to be the key to my existence. I wasn't completely wrong, but little did I know what the Practice Directions beheld, or how heavily I would rely upon them to direct me when the Rules didn't tell me enough. 

Why are Practice Directions so great? They provide an overview of the rather inconsistent ins and outs that Courts in different jurisdictions require to say, schedule a long versus short motion, summary judgment motion or confirm a date etc. 

Current Toronto practice directions online include:

Other online notices and guides include:

There are many additional practice directions available for each of the province's judicial regions.

This type of information can be a life-saver if you primarily do work in Toronto and have an urgent motion to bring somewhere else, or if you're asked to do something you've never done before.

So, when in doubt, as a first step check for a practice direction that sets you on the right path. 
- Rachel Spence, Law Clerk

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