Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Brits in Custody Battle Over Lucy the Sheep

We've previously seen a pet pig land its caregivers in court (see: Pig-Sitter Faces Charges for Fattening the Hog),

Now, all British eyes are turned to the sad saga of Lucy the Pet Sheep...
A family are in a court custody battle over a pet sheep...A judge at the county court in Mold, North Wales, will decide next week on the sheep’s rightful owner.
For all the woolly details, see Family in Custody Battle over Pet Pig from Times Online.

Warning - there are many tears - and the British Return of Goods Act - involved.

And, finally, I don't even want to talk about this New Jersey case about a cow and a man - particularly given the fine job's Robert Ambrogi has already done with it...

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Julie said...

The lady who is taking this famil to court is their localgovernment councillor. The sheep belongs to a little irl

The Councillor in question should be ashamed of her actions towards this little girl and her family.